Fairfield Warde Tournament

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Hey Folks,

I’m sorry for my delayed post.


The Warriors had our best-ever performance at the Fairfield Warde Tournament on Saturday.  Wilton scored 126 points, and finished one point out of 4th place behind some very good teams. Six of the nine wrestlers who competed for us placed in this tournament.  I’m extremely proud of this team and everything we have accomplished.  Our goal is to continue to achieve best-ever performances at every opportunity.

Congratulations to the following place-winners:

108 – Travis Longo – 1st -This is the 2nd 1st place title at Warde for Travis

122 – Finn McGovern – 4th – Finn avenged a loss against Norwalk, and lost two closely contested matches to a very tough Fairfield Warde Opponent.

128 – Nick Rende – 1st – Nick continued his dominance at this tournament with his 3rd consecutive championship finish!

172 – Zach Zeyher – 1st – Zach improved upon a 3rd place finish last year to win his weight class over a tough opponent from Daniel Hand.

184 – Jacob Robb – 2nd- Jacob wrestled above his 3rd seed to achieve his highest tournament finish to date.

287 – Ethan Helman – 5th – Ethan has really stepped up by going heavyweight this season.  He often gives up 50 or more pounds.

Congratulations to all on this excellent performance!

Coach Foldeak

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Update for Warde Tournament

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Hi folks,


The Warde Tournament has been pushed back 1 hour. Details below. Our bus will now be leaving at 8:00 am. Please meet at WHS at 7:45.


Thanks, Coach Foldeak

Weigh-ins will be from 8:30am to 9:30am. Please make every effort to be time. Reminder 2 lb weight allowance. 106=110; 113=117…
Wrestling will start no later than 10:30am (hoping for 10:15am if possible)
Brackets, at this time, range between 15 and 19 kids. Remember the round of 16 (and pigtails) is single elimination. We plan to give a second exhibition mat (1-1-1) to the round of 16 losers. That is the plan as long as we start on time and do not fall behind.
We have a strong ref crew of 5 for the 4 mats so we do not plan on taking breaks unless it becomes necessary to give appropriate rest time for the athletes or if we are ahead on time and choose to mop the mats.
Getting the brackets to a final product will dictate start time.
Please let me know ASAP if your school is not allowing you to attend.


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School Closed – Friday 1-5

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Hey All,


As I’m sure you know, school is closed tomorrow.  We are also cancelled for practice.  Wrestlers, we have +2lbs on Saturday.  i.e. 108=110. Make sure you get a workout in and are prepared for Saturday.  Bus leaves the school at 7am.

Thanks, Coach Foldeak

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Wilton Schools Closed 1-4

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Good Evening,


Due to the impending storm, school and all activities are cancelled.


Hopefully  I see you Friday,

Coach Foldeak

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This Week’s Schedule

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Happy New Year!

This week in Wilton Warrior Wrestling:

  • Tuesday – Practice                                          3:30-5:30
  • Wednesday – Practice                                    3:30-5:30
  • Thursday – Fairfield Warde                         5:00
    • Alumni Night to follow meet
  • Friday – Practice                                             3:30-5:30
  • Saturday – Fairfield Warde Tournament 7:00 bus – 9:00 am start

Thanks, Coach Foldeak

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Danbury Holiday Tournament

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Danbury Holiday Tournament

Congratulations to the Warriors on a 5th place finish at an always challenging Danbury Holiday Tournament.

1st Place 108 lbs – Travis Longo

2nd Place 172 lbs – Zach Zeyher

3rd Place 128 lbs – Nick Rende

4th Place 122 lbs – Finn McGovern

Honorable mention to Max Mannino and Jacob Robb who each wrestled very well, winning several matches each.


Great Job, Warriors!

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Danbury Holiday Tournament Tomorrow

December 29, 2017 Leave a comment

Hey Folks,

I hope this message finds you all staying warm.  Please be prepared for a long day tomorrow.  This is a big tournament with a lot of tremendous wrestling.  I expect all of our wrestlers to be challenged.  I would ask that everyone plan on a long day.  I expect that we attend as a team and stay together as a team.  Anyone that travels to the tournament on the bus is expected to travel back to Wilton on the bus.  If there are any extenuating circumstances, please let me know and fill out the alternate travel form on the Wilton High School site.  Wrestlers without this form will be expected to return on the team bus.  Thanks, as always, for all of your support.  I’m looking forward to a great day of wrestling!


Regards, Coach Foldeak

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