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Yearbooks and Photos

March 23, 2014 1 comment

Thanks to Mrs. Fraccaroli, who created and filled the folders you’ll find by clicking on this link there’s a collection of photographs from this year’s team. She’s hosting the files on her GoogleDrive, and will only be leaving them up for a few months until she needs to recover the space — so, if you want ’em, get ’em while they’re hot, because they won’t be there forever!

Also, if you click on the Reference tab you’ll find a new page — Yearbooks where you can find the files for the last 4 years’ yearbooks. If anyone has files for previous years, please e-mail them to Coach Rinaldi. They’ll be uploaded and added to the page if they come in.

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Mustache Madness

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Throwback Thursday

In anticipation of tomorrow’s 2014 yearbook unveiling, and as a reminder of how far we’ve come together, here’s a little look back on the past. Be amused. We were all goofier when we were younger.

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Some Changes & Updates to the Website’s Design.

January 26, 2014 Leave a comment

First, please take note of the “New Content or Links” area above the “Virtual Refrigerator” on the right. It’s another a way we can call attention to new content we’ve posted on the site.

Second, number of items on the Reference Pages made it harder to find information there, so we’ve made a new page out of each of the old sections. You can still find a particular item by using the site’s search feature.

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Saturday Wrestling Re-cap

January 26, 2014 Leave a comment

First, a huge thank you to all the parents who came through and helped with transportation to yesterday’s events! We really appreciate your support.

On Saturday, the Warriors split their squad into Varsity and JV squads. The varsity traveled to the Ridgefield Challenge and the JV’s went to the Neil Godleski Memorial Tournament in Norwalk.

Quinn Reedy, Walt Winrow, Jeramy Jeffereis, Ace Sakamoto, Ken Pokora, Jared Gladstein, Riley Kennedy and Joey Fraccaroli went north to Ridgefield. Joey Fraccaroli emerged as the champion at the 285# class, and the team’s other captain, Ace Sakamoto came in 4th in the 152# class.


The JV wrestlers went to Norwalk High School and participated in the 3rd Annual Neil Godleski JV Tournament. James Mannix, Jack Walsh, Alec Favorolo, Rod-Djali Thoby, Will McArdle, Harry Winrow, Raphael Mettle, Mason Peraino, Matt Beck, Dan Walter and Marty Zoruba competed at the event, which . Every JV wrestler had at least one one win, and the team had two champions: Alec Favorolo and Harry Winrow. Rod-Djali Thoby, Raphael Mettle, Mason Peraino and Matt Beck each took 2nd.







Thanks also to Mr. Favorolo for sharing some of his pictures!

If anyone else has photos from other events, Mrs. Fraccaroli will be working on the team “book” later this season and would appreciate you passing along any images you would like to share.

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