Camps & Clubs

Summer Camps

Over the past several years, Wilton HS wrestlers have gone to the Carl Adams Camp at BU, The Springfield College Wrestling Camp, and the J Robinson camp.  Each camp has a different approach, requires different levels of commitment and time.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  Check or other wrestling websites for additional information.

This first group consists of multi-session sleep-away camps.  You don’t have to sign up for all sessions and there are a variety of prices, lengths, durations, etc.

2011 – More updates coming soon!

Carl Adams (BU) Wrestling Camps – multiple camps running through July in Boston, MA

Cornell Wrestling Camps – multiple camps starting late June, running through July in Ithaca, NY

JRob Wrestling Camps
– starting late June, running through July – multiple locations

Penn State Wrestling Camps – multiple camps starting late June, running through July in State College, PA

Springfield Wrestling School – July 24-27 – Springfield MA

This next group of camps is “local” day-camps and consists of camps with a roughly 1-week duration.  As we learn about more of these, we’ll add to the list.

Mustang Wrestling Camp – A local (Danbury) one-week intensive camp running June 25th through July 2 (no camp on Sunday June 26th)

Offseason Wrestling Clubs & Clinics

(While many of these clubs are some distance away, most offer Saturday or Sunday sessions in addition to mid-week wrestling and the opportunity to participate in off season tournaments. — Car pool anyone? — All will likely require a USA Wrestling Card, which you can likely get through the club coach.  If not, go to USA Wrestling’s Website and apply there. Some of these clubs also run camps.)

Trumbull Atlas Wrestling Club – starts March 22 @ Trumbull High School Below, there’s a link to application to the session of the Atlas Club which runs at Trumbull HS Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting on March 22nd. Atlas Spring Session Application

Here’s another interesting looking post-season clinic in late March at Western NEW ENGLAND College – Not Westconn, sorry. Check out this link for more information.

Max Askren (2010 NCAA Div. I Champ) Free Clinic March 20 – Somers NY

Offseason Wrestling Tournaments

Many of the off-season tournaments are Freestyle or Greco-Roman, not Folkstyle (which is what we do in CT during the high school season).  Getting some experience with Freestyle or Greco-Roman is possible through one or another of the wrestling clubs listed above.  Keep an eye on the Pin2Win message board for tournament announcements.  Several WHS wrestlers have competed off-season in the Nutmeg Tournaments here in CT, and have shown in-season improvement as a result.

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