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Danbury Holiday Tournament Tomorrow

December 29, 2017 Leave a comment

Hey Folks,

I hope this message finds you all staying warm.  Please be prepared for a long day tomorrow.  This is a big tournament with a lot of tremendous wrestling.  I expect all of our wrestlers to be challenged.  I would ask that everyone plan on a long day.  I expect that we attend as a team and stay together as a team.  Anyone that travels to the tournament on the bus is expected to travel back to Wilton on the bus.  If there are any extenuating circumstances, please let me know and fill out the alternate travel form on the Wilton High School site.  Wrestlers without this form will be expected to return on the team bus.  Thanks, as always, for all of your support.  I’m looking forward to a great day of wrestling!


Regards, Coach Foldeak

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Alumni Night – Thursday, January 4th

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Alumni Night is next Thursday, January 4, 2018, after our home match versus Fairfield Warde at 5:00 p.m. We will gather in the WHS Cafeteria after the meet to eat and have former and current wrestlers and coaches get together. Please join us!!
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Warriors 3-2 on the Day

December 27, 2017 Leave a comment

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your help in organizing an executing today’s event.  We could not have done it without you.  Thanks to all those who helped move mats, donated food, helped with concession, helped set up the facilities, etc.  You really stepped up today and helped to make it as smooth of an event as possible.  I’ve begun posting videos of today’s matches in Google Classroom..



Great Job, Everyone!  I’ll see you tomorrow at 3:00


12/27/17 @ Wilton

Wilton 5-2 Overall Record


On the day-

Trumbull        5-0

Wilton            3-2

Foran                         3-2

New Canaan 3-2

Ridgefield      1-4

Joel Barlow   0-5


Trumbull 51 – Wilton 25


106 Jack Ryan(T)                             (0:54)              Max Mannino(W)

113 Travis Longo(W)                     14-1                 Brandon Neri-Jacobs(W)

120 Finn McGovern(W)                   (0:13)              Aidan Burns(T)

126 Nick Rende(W)                          (2:29)              Jonathan Kosak(T)

132 David Castaldo(T)                   (2:46)              Trey Harris(W)

138 Matt Ryan(T)                             (0:55)              Dom Carotozzolo(W)

145 William Holmes(T)                   (FFT)

152 Jace Starrett(T)                                    (8-4)               Seth Warren(W)

160 Gabriel Laguardia(T)               (FFT)

170 Zach Zeyher(W)                                    (5:10)              Webster Williams(T)

182 Joseph Palmieri(T)                  (4:24)              Jacob Robb(W)

195 Robert Dejesus(T)                    (FFT)

220 Brett Nutter                               (3:15)              Stephen Kendra(W)

285 Ethan Helman(W)                    (7-6)               Lazarus Suarez(T)


New Canaan 48 – Wilton 30


106 Mannino(W)                              (3:25)              Joey Bucci(NC)

113 Travis Longo(W)                     (FFT)

120 Finn McGovern(W)                   (FFT)

126 Justin Mastrioanni(NC)          (8-5)               Nick Rende(W)

132 Luigi Derubeis(NC)                  (1:47)              Trey Harris(W)

138 Tyler Sung(NC)                                    (0:26)              Dom Carotozzolo(W)

145 Nate Sibbett(NC)                     (FFT)

152 Christian Sibbett(NC)             (11-4)             Seth Warren(W)

160 Evan Reilly(NC)                                    (FFT)

170 Zach Zeyher(W)                                    (FFT)

182 Jacob Robb(W)                                    (FFT)

195 Andreas Moor(NC)                  (FFT)

220 Nick Kortman(NC)                   (0:47)              Stephen Kendra(W)

285 Jack Stewart(NC)                    0:42)               Ethan Helman(W)







Wilton 57 – Ridgefield 18

106 Max Mannino(W)                     (1:46)              Spencer Carlson®

113 Travis Longo(W)                     (FFT)

120 Finn McGovern(W)                   (FFT)

126 Nick Rende(W)                          (13-10)           Ben Smart®

132 Trey Harris(W)                          (5:26)              Giancarlo Zabniak®

138 Peter Murray®                          (1:!0)               Dom Carotozzolo(W)

145 Connor Brown®                      (FFT)

152 Seth Warren(W)                                    (1:01)              Tiernan Deacy®

160 Simon Preston®                      (FFT)

170 Zach Zeyher(W)                                    (FFT)

182 Jacob Robb(W)                                    (1:21)              Liam Keppler


220 Stephen Kendra(W)                 (FFT)

285 Ethan Helman(W)                    (FFT)


Wilton 49 – Foran 30
106 Max Mannino(W)                     (2:57)              Orlando Velez(F)

113 Travis Longo(W)                     (1:40)               Tanish Joshi (F)

120 Finn Mcgovern(W)                   10-4)              Michael Giordano(F)

126 Nick Rende(W)                          (0:14)              Lamar Bush(F)

132 William Mauro(F)                     (1:00)              Trey Harris(W)

138 Ethan Edmondson(F)              (1:57)              Dom Carotozzolo(W)

145 Tyler Stanko(F)                         (FFT)

152 Ryan Luth(F)                             (FFT)

160 Seth Warren(W)                                    (FFT)

170 Zach Zeyher(W)                                    (5:10)              Umer Khan(F)

182 Jacob Robb(W)                                    (0:54)              William Ives(F)

195 Qasim Khan(F)                         (FFT)

220 Stephen Kendra(W)                 (4:21)              Phillip Boyles(F)

285 Ethan Helman(W)                    (1:01)              Christopher Capomolla(F)



Wilton 40 – Joel Barlow 24


106 JoshBrault(JB)                         (1:48)              Max Mannino(W)

113 Travis Longo(W)                     10-1                 Charlie Prather(JB)

120 Finn McGovern(W)                   (0:35)              Cameron Hirsch(JB)

126 Nick Rende(W)                          (FFT)

132 Trey Harris(W)                          (FFT)

138 Dom Carotozzolo(W)              (FFT)

145 Joao Guimares(JB)                 (FFT)

152 Ben Coppock(JB)                    (0:39)              Seth Warren(W)

160 DBL Forfeit

170 Carson Licastri(JB)                 (6-4)               Zach Zeyher(W)

182 Jacob Robb(W)                                    (0:31)              Shayne Ortiz

195 DBL Forfeit

220 Ben Bai(JB)                              (5-3)               Stephen Kendra(W)

285 Ethan Helman(W)                    (FFT)



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This Week’s Schedule

December 26, 2017 Leave a comment

Good Morning All,

Here’s how our week goes:


Tuesday practice 9-11:00

Moving Mats 11:00-?


7:00 am wrestlers report

8:00 weigh in 9:00 am wrestling (end around 3:00)

We could use some help moving mats back to the Y after the completion of wrestling if you’re available.

Thursday: Practice 3:00-5:00

Friday: Practice 9:00-11:00

Saturday: Danbury Tournament, Wrestlers report to school at 7:00 am

Sunday/Monday – off

Tuesday, 1-2 back to school and regular practice times  3:30-5:30


We hope to see everyone tomorrow!


Thanks, Coach Foldeak








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Happy Holidays and Moving Mats

December 25, 2017 Leave a comment

Hello All,

I hope this message finds you all enjoying the holiday! A reminder to wrestlers that we will have practice from 9:00-11:00 tomorrow morning. I’d also like to request help moving mats from the Wilton Y to the high school tomorrow immediately after practice (11:00.) If you have a truck and can lend a hand it would be appreciated. Also, I hope to see everyone on Wednesday as we face 5 teams!  Wrestling begins at 9:00 am Wednesday. Wrestlers need to report at 7:00 am to set up.


Merry Christmas!


Coach Foldeak

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