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Oh What a Night!

Many thanks to all the boosters who worked so hard to make yesterday evening’s banquet so much fun. We couldn’t function without you!

We also want to extend our gratitude to Principal Bob O’Donnell, new AD Chris McDougal (whose presence at the Friday night banquet was very much appreciated) and Ms Lynne Prescott for their support and encouragement throughout the season and to trainer EJ Occhiboi and Coach Norm as well.

And finally, we’d like to thank our trio of managers, Annie Saltarelli, Megan Stanzione and Jamie Perry along with clinician Gabe Queiros and super-fan Hugh Robertson for all they did for the team during the season.

It was an emotional cap to an extraordinary year and a fitting send-off to a very fine group of young men and women. Kenny Pokora’s video tribute and the yearbook Mrs Fraccaroli put together for 2014 Warriors were awesome.

Coach Foldeak and Coach Rinaldi are grateful for your effort and commitment to our sport, but most of all for your commitment to each other and to us!

We’ll keep you posted about off-season wrestling, lifting and team-building opportunities. In the meantime, what did you do today to make yourself a better wrestler next season?

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