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Saturday Tournament Update

December 22, 2013 Leave a comment

At Guilford’s Varsity Invitational, Ace Sakamoto took first and Price Figurelli-Reid, Dan Holland, and Joey Fraccaroli placed 4th.

At Trumbull’s JV tournament, Harry Winrow and Jared Gladstein took first; Jack Walsh, Mason Peraino, Andrew Fanti, Dan Walter, and Riley Kennedy took 2nd; and James Mannix, Patrick Noonan, and Will McArdle took third.

Thanks to the parents, managers and fans who came out to support the teams! Congratulations to all the place-winners, and well-done to their team mates who gave their best on the mat or in support.

Rest up today, and we’ll see you on Monday!

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Vacation practice and competition

December 21, 2013 Leave a comment


12/23 – 9:00 AM to approx 11:00 AM
12/24 & 12/25 – no practice
12/26 – 3:00 PM to approx 5:00 PM
12/27 – 9:00 AM to approx 11:00 AM
We will need wrestlers to help move mats after practice to prep for 12/28 competition.

12/30 – 9:00 AM to approx 11:00 AM

All times above are ‘on the.mat’. Arrive early for set up and warm up.


12/28 – Six team multi- dual meet
9:00 AM – approx 4:00 PM

We will have to set up 3 mats, score tables, etc. beforehand. Plan on arriving early.

We will need help moving mats after this meet.

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Food and Drink during Tournaments

December 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Both Varsity and JV venues will have concessions but we encourage wrestlers to bring water and sandwiches (pb&j on whole wheat is a good choice) fruit, nuts or protein bars are a good choice. Do not bring valuables or large amounts of money. We look out for each other but you have to be responsible and smart.

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Thank You Boosters!

December 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Thank you to the WHS wrestling boosters for the Takedown team photo and sandwiches. We appreciate all your support and strongly encourage all new families to join.

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Emergency Form Link

December 20, 2013 Leave a comment

All wrestlers, Varsity and JV, need to have filled out an emergency form and turned it in. If you have any doubt about having turned it in you can find it linked here.. Please bring the completed form tomorrow morning.

Varsity 5:45 at the field house, 6:00 bus to Guilford HS.

JV 7:15 at the field house, 7:30 bus to Trumbull HS.

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