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Food and Drink during Tournaments

December 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Both Varsity and JV venues will have concessions but we encourage wrestlers to bring water and sandwiches (pb&j on whole wheat is a good choice) fruit, nuts or protein bars are a good choice. Do not bring valuables or large amounts of money. We look out for each other but you have to be responsible and smart.

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Thank You Boosters!

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Thank you to the WHS wrestling boosters for the Takedown team photo and sandwiches. We appreciate all your support and strongly encourage all new families to join.

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Emergency Form Link

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All wrestlers, Varsity and JV, need to have filled out an emergency form and turned it in. If you have any doubt about having turned it in you can find it linked here.. Please bring the completed form tomorrow morning.

Varsity 5:45 at the field house, 6:00 bus to Guilford HS.

JV 7:15 at the field house, 7:30 bus to Trumbull HS.

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Westhill 46 – Wilton 27

December 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Wilton’s home-opener was a hard fought 27-46 loss to a solid Westhill Squad. Wilton’s winners included Price Figurelli-Reid with a pin at 1:38 in his 132lb match, Ace Sakamoto with a pin at 5:11 of his 152lb match, Dan Holland with a pin at 4:48 of his 182lb match, Joey Fraccaroli by pin at 3:21 in the 285lb match, and James Mannix with a 14-8 decision in the 106lb match. Solid efforts from all the wrestlers was the main positive but we have to continue working hard in practice and improve technique.

In JV action Walt Winrow won by pin in 0.49, and Matt Beck won a 10-1 decision.

Practice tomorrow – we want to wrap up by 7:00 so please get to practice early (5:00) for stretching, running and video review. Wrestlers should bring clean shirts and a tie for the team picture at the 7:30 Takedown in the cafeteria.

Bus to Guilford on Saturday is at 6:00 AM for varsity so wrestlers should be at Fieldhouse at 5:45 AM with all equipment. Do no leave shoes, singlets, headgear overnight as there may not be a way to get in the locker room.

JV will travel to Trumbull by bus at 7:30AM so be at the field house by 7:15AM with all equipment (as above).

Rosters for each event will be announced at Friday’s practice.

Buses leave promptly. Be on time.

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New Wrestlers and Parents – What to Expect at Tonight’s Match

December 19, 2013 Leave a comment

The most frequent question we get is “will I wrestle?”  The answer is, “it depends.”  Here’s some background and an explanation:

Tonight’s match is a dual varsity meet.  That’s a head-to-head varsity competition between two teams.  Each team will attempt to fill each of the weight classes the CIAC has certified.  They are: 106 lbs, 113 lbs, 120 lbs, 126 lbs, 132 lbs, 138 lbs, 145 lbs, 152 lbs, 160 lbs, 170 lbs, 182 lbs, 195 lbs, 220 lbs, and 285 lbs.  

Wrestlers are matched by weight.  In varsity matches, they cannot compete more than one weight class above their pre-match weigh-in weight class.  Wrestlers compete (via wrestle-offs, attendance, attitude, etc.) to be the varsity wrestler in their weight class.  If there’s no-one to fill the weight class on the opposing team, our wrestler will accept a forfeit.  If neither team has a wrestler, we simply skip over that weight class.  The order of matches is determined by random drawing before the match begins. 

Following the varsity match, the coaches from the two teams will compare their remaining rosters and will do their best to match wrestlers of comparable weights and skill levels.  The weight-class restrictions for JV are more guidelines than hard rules, but we’re absolutely focused on safety and won’t make a match if we feel there’s too much risk. 

JV matches will run until everyone who has a match has wrestled. However, if the other team doesn’t have wrestlers of similar size, experience, and skill, there will not be a match for some wrestlers on our team.  Again, we may decide against a match if the opponents have someone who may be the same size, but whose skill or experience presents what we judge to be too much risk for our wrestler. 

The Warriors have been working very hard in practice, and we’re excited to see them begin competition.  We know it is frustrating to prepare and be ready for a match and not have an opponent — but that’s the way the sport works. 

Tomorrow during practice we’ll go over expectations and assignments to the Varsity and JV squads for the events in Guilford and Trumbull, and we’ll post some more information about what to expect at those events then.  In the meantime, we hope you’ll all be able to come out and support the team tonight.  Go Warriors!

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Pre-match Checklist for Westhill Match

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Captains take charge. Lead from the front, set an example for the team. This is not “freshmen work.” It is TEAMWORK. Everybody helps.

1. Roll out the mat, green stripe on home side.
2. Dry mop and tape the mat – TAPE AFTER DRY MOP, BEFORE SPRAY AND WET MOP
3. Spray and wet mop the mat
4. 4 Benches on each side for dual meets
5. 2 Chairs for coaches on each side
6. 2 Tables – 1 with 2 chairs for trainer; 1 with 5-6 chairs for scorekeepers, managers, timers.
7. Scoreboard with plug & horn, flip score for team score
8. Both med kits
9. Mop, pads, sprayer, extra tape upstairs before match

Everything above should be done as soon as possible but without disrupting other team’s practices and completed ASAP to expedite weigh-ins.

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“Takedown” – Rescheduling Announcement – Friday After Practice – (Exact Time To be Determined)

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From the Boosters: 


The Wilton High School Wrestling Boosters invite you to:

TAKE DOWN 2013-14

Friday, December 20, 2013

immediately after practice
 (Time TBD…Coach is trying for an earlier practice, so we can have an earlier take down…will confirm by Friday!) 
(sandwiches provided for the wrestlers)

 Please remember to bring your checkbooks to cover booster membership dues and sign up for any new spirit wear your wrestler(s) might need.  More information regarding the spirit wear choices will be available at the take down.

Location: Wilton High School Cafeteria

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