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New Wrestlers – and Parents – What to wear for the 1st Practice (and where to get it if you don’t have it)

For anyone new to our sport, it’s not unusual to be a little uncertain about how to prepare and what to wear during practices (and later on, during competition), particularly on the 1st day.  

Let’s begin with a reminder that wrestling is a contact sport.  You can imagine that a few dozen (keep recruiting, guys!) wrestlers exerting themselves, even in the cavernous field house at WHS, are going to get sweaty.  That means that what you wear the first day, and every day, should be clean.  That’s worth noting again.  Every day take a shower immediately after practice and wear clean clothing.  If you stink before practice, take a shower before practice too.  Do not wear sweaty or dirty clothing to practice.

For practice, the clothing should be relatively close-fitting, though you don’t need skin-tight clothing.  The school will provide singlets for competition.  For practice, avoid shorts with pockets or really loose-fitting sweats if you can.  It’s very easy to get fingers caught in loose clothing.  The field house is cool, so wear layers.  It’s easier to remove layers when you get warm than it is to warm up when you’re cold.

If you have wrestling shoes, bring them.  If not, bring an extra pair of socks.  Clean ones.  You can pick up shoes at Sports Authority, Dicks, Modell’s or other sporting goods stores.  Wilton Sports shop may have some, but call first to check.  

If this is your first time with the sport, don’t spend a fortune on shoes.  $40-$60 is reasonable, but more than that is probably too much for your first pair.  You can also get them relatively inexpensively online, but sizing varies dramatically by brand, so it’s best to try some on first before you buy.  And see if anybody has an old pair that’s still usable (and clean).  This link points to a website that sells a variety of shoes, but main reason to go there is to read what it says about how to buy. 

Bring a pair of sneakers/running shoes too.  You’ll be running as well as wrestling.  A jump-rope is another good idea.  And a water bottle.  

By the way, don’t share equipment.  Don’t share water bottles.  Remember, wrestling is a contact sport.  It’s already easy to pass germs along, don’t make it any easier.  

A pair of knee pads is another good idea.  Our mats provide some cushioning, but the floor in the field house is cold and hard.  If you bang your knees too much, they get tender, and wearing kneepads after they’re tender won’t help as much as trying to prevent tenderness in the first place.

If you wear braces, get a mouth-guard.  You’ll need one for each row you have braces on for any competition anyway, so it’s a good idea to get used to wearing them now.

Clean towels (every day) and soap and shampoo — or a combination body wash/shampoo are also essentials.  We will do a periodic inspection of the team room.  If it’s gross, you won’t enjoy the consequences.

Finally, get a lock and a gym bag for your stuff.  The lock is for your own protection.  We haven’t heard of many issues this year, but securing your valuables is smart.  Be smart.  

The boosters will likely be arranging a “spirit-wear” package, so you might want to wait for that before you buy expensive sweats or other clothing.  More on that later. 

Finally — if you haven’t taken care of all the fees you must pay and the forms you need to participate, make sure you do that.  Ms. Prescott and the coaches will be checking.  If you haven’t paid or filled out the forms, you can’t participate.  Here is a link to the emergency treatment card form.  This is a link to the health assessment (physical) form.  Review the athletic manual here.


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