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One more reminder about tomorrow’s meeting. After school, outside the weight room. All wrestlers, prospective wrestlers, and managers should attend. If there’s any reason you can’t be there, contact Coach Foldeak by e-mail or text.

By the way, all prospective wrestlers should subscribe to this website by following the instructions underneath last year’s team photo on the “virtual refrigerator” on the right. If your e-mail doesn’t obviously indicate who you are, please also send Coach Rinaldi a quick e-mail explaining who really is. Parents please do this too. We want to help the boosters keep track of the new members of the WHS Wresting family.

Oh, one more nudge: Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! A full mat is a happy mat.

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Good advice for juniors and seniors planning college visits…

October 21, 2013 Leave a comment

From a track coach, some good advice.

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10/24 Meeting Reminder

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Pre-season meeting with Coach Foldeak right after school outside the weight room on Thursday 10/24.  All prospective and returning wrestlers and managers should attend.  

If you can’t attend, please let Coach Foldeak know.  His contact info is on the Coaches’ Contact Info tab under the website banner.  

Bring your athletic friends.  Encourage underclassmen to come out.  

You are, by far,  the best reason for someone to join the team — so turn on your charm and recruit!   If you find yourself tongue-tied and need some talking points, check out this article, this article, or the 48 wrestling poems here.

Or just show them this clip.

In any event, we hope to see you Thursday.  (By the way, and in case you haven’t noticed, your coaches are getting excited about the season.) 

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Pre-season Meeting 10/24 Alert

October 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Coach Foldeak would like to meet with all wrestlers, prospective wrestlers and managers on Thursday 10/24 right after school.

The meeting will be held outside the weight room in the corridor.

Fall athletes who are planning on wrestling, stop by before you go to practice, and everyone please encourage their athletic friends to come out.

See you then.

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