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Winter is coming!

No, we’re not the Starks, or Lannisters, or anybody else from George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire or HBO’s Game of Thrones, but winter is still coming, and the WHS winter sports season is just a week away. First practice for WHS Wrestling is next Monday, 11/28.

See the post below for requirements — physical (health) forms, emergency cards, and your WHS activity fee must be taken care of before practice. These MUST be taken care of before first practice.

New wrestlers will have to pick up a pair of wrestling shoes — Sports Authority, Dicks, and others in the area carry them. You don’t need to spend a fortune. As a beginner, spending much more than $50 is probably not going to be worth it as you’re likely to grow out of them anyway. If you wear braces, you’ll need a mouthguard for uppers and lowers( if you wear  braces on both) before you can compete. (You can practice without a mouthguard, but can’t compete without them, so this isn’t urgent.) A pair of knee pads is another good idea — volleyball kneepads work fine, and you can get them at sporting goods stores or even at Wal-mart.

Bring a clean towel, soap or body-wash, and clean clothing every day. Take your dirty clothes home to wash them every day. Good personal hygiene is critical to a successful season. If you don’t have clean workout gear, it’s easy to spread whatever nasties plague you to the rest of the team.

See you in a week.

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