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Preliminary 2011-12 Calendar

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment

There will likely be some changes to this calendar, but we wanted to get it out anyway. We’ll update as soon as we can.

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Thursday, October 20 – Quick Meeting with Coach Foldeak after School

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Coach Foldeak would like to meet with all wrestlers, prospective wrestlers or managers for a quick (roughly 20 minute) meeting right after school on Thursday, October 20. Please let him know if there’s a reason you can’t make it. We’ll gather right outside the weight room and then move to a classroom near by.

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Great Read – The Value of Affirmations – WIN Magazine October 2011

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

WIN Magazine (Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine) has a number of good articles this month. One worth sharing is The Value of Affirmations. It opens with the lines, “What is an affirmation? It Is an idea that you believe to be true.”

This is “best practice” for anything you do in life. Take a moment to read the article by clicking the link. Then try it out!

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3rd Request

Please — if you haven’t already signed up to “follow the blog” by inputting your e-mail below the Virtual Refrigerator on the site’s homepage, do it now. You’ll get all the posts immediately instead of whenever the old “push” method decides to send them out…and by early December, you won’t get the posts via e-mail at all unless you subscribe using the new approach.

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Grades, Nutrition, Weight Room, Running, Wrestling….season is coming fast

Guys, it’s a matter of just seven weeks until we start the wrestling season. We expect you’re keeping up with your schoolwork and taking care of doctors’ and dentists’ appointments, etc.

Every wrestler must complete an emergency treatment card, even if they filled one out for a fall sport. You should also have an updated health form if you haven’t filled one out for a fall sport. They are both available on the WHS website or here: Health Form and Emergency Treatment Card and they must be completed and turned in to Coach Foldeak prior to the start of practice on November 28, 2011.

Also, all activity fees ($50 this year, payable just once, so if you’ve paid for a fall activity, you don’t have to pay again) must be paid to WHS Activity Fund prior to the start of practice on November 28, 2011.

Unless you enjoy looking at the ceiling (look at the view you’ll have from your back on the Virtual Refigerator to the right) you should be managing your rest, nutrition, and weight, and if you’re not playing a fall sport, you should be running, coming to in the weight room — which, according to Coach Norm, is sparsely attended — and wrestling as much as you can to help get in shape for the season.

Coach Norm suggested a quick meeting next Friday right after school for everyone who’s not involved in a fall sport and strongly encouraged those folks who haven’t been making it to show up. After seeing just 3 wrestlers in the weight room on Friday, we think that’s a good idea too.

Don’t leave these things to the last minute.

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