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Personal Hygiene Reminder

This post is for parents. We need your help. Wrestlers sweat. They wrestle — often with multiple partners over the course of a single practice. If they’re not clean when they start, you can imagine what they’re like after a couple of hours of wrestling.

If your son isn’t showering immediately upon returning home from practice (assuming he hasn’t showered at WHS), he needs to shower, using soap and shampoo, immediately when he comes home. If he isn’t bringing all his workout gear and towels home every day and coming to practice with clean gear and a clean towel for the next day, he needs to do that too.

If your son has a skin condition — and we have noticed the presence of ringworm on several wrestlers — it needs to be treated fast, before it spreads to other athletes. Ringworm is easily treated with over-the-counter medications — but it won’t go away by itself.

The simplest way to prevent ringworm — or other skin conditions — is to be clean. We wash the mats every day before practice. If we could, we would wash the wrestlers too — but that’s not going to happen any time soon, so they need to take care of this themselves. A firm reminder from you would be appreciated.

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