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Coach Foldeak, assisted by Scott Butler, Gabe Queiros, Clay Helms, Mike Mastrianna, Colin Lillis, Terrence Reedy, Sean DeJager just wrapped up the 3rd edition of the Wilton Youth Wrestling Camp.  By all accounts, the campers who attended had a great time.  Starting off with the basic wrestling stance, single and double-leg take downs, top and bottom referee’s position, the boys wrestled multiple live folkstyle matches in between bouts of sumo wrestling, sharks and minnows, mat chess, and more.  We hope to see everyone again next year — along with their brothers, cousins, and friends!

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Last Days of School

Wilton Warriors Wrestlers!  You have just a couple of more days of school left before the Class of 2010 officially passes the torch to the Class of 2011.  This is both a time for reflection and planning.  2009-10’s captain, Terrence Reedy, set a high bar for team leadership.  We’ve celebrated that, but thanks again from both coaches and team-mates! Good luck, and stay in touch!

Looking forward, it’s already clear that 2010-11’s tri-captains, Clay Helms, Drew Kennedy, and Drew Venditti, have picked up where Terrence left off.  What’s even better to see and hear is that many of the rest of you, upper and underclassmen both, have already begun to work hard in the off season in the weight room and at a variety of clubs and tournaments.

We know that many of you have made plans to go to camp over the summer.  We hear good things from Coach Norm about the regular turnout for workouts and weight training.  And we’re getting some good feedback from some of the club coaches you’ve been working with. That’s reason to celebrate, and be proud.

But once school is out and you’re not seeing each other every day, it may be a little harder to keep up the momentum you’ve been building.   Take a moment as school lets out, and before you bolt for the exits for whatever you’re doing over the summer, to make a connection with at least one team-mate.  Make a commitment to stay in touch, to push — and support — each other over the summer.    Do what you can to expand our community.  Be smart and safe, make good choices, work hard and have fun!  Warrior Pride!

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June 9 Meeting Update

Per Coach Foldeak (see comment on post below this one) the meeting after school on the 9th should be no more than 15-20 minutes.

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Meeting after School on Wednesday, June 9th

June 6, 2010 1 comment

Coach Foldeak wants to have a meeting with all wrestlers on Wednesday, June 9 after school up by the weight room to collect any outstanding equipment, to go over summer workout, competition, and camp plans and to just touch base. He’s especially looking for any of the “new” singlets, which are going to be updated.  We want them all to be alike, so dig them out and get them in.  If you have one of the new singlets and can’t make it, give it to a buddy.

Be there, on time please.  The meeting shouldn’t last more than 45 minutes, if that.   If you have a conflict, please contact Coach directly, especially if you need to turn anything in.

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Check out CT Wrestling Wire

If you’ve not been on the CT Wrestling Wire site recently, take a look.  It’s been updated with a ton of new features, including a tournament calendar on the site’s homepage.  There’s a lot of other worthwhile information there.

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