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1st Practice Tomorrow!

Our season kicks off tomorrow after school!

For those of you with braces — today’s a good day to pick up an upper/lower mouth guard. Walmart was out of them as of yesterday — so you’ll have to go to a sporting goods store. Check Wilton Sports or try Sports Authority, Dicks, or Modell’s. You will need them for competition. (If you don’t have braces, mouth guards are not a requirement.)

Kneepads are a good idea too — volleyball kneepads work fine — and Walmart had those in stock as of yesterday.

If you’ve not gotten a pair of wrestling shoes, the website Suplay.com, which sells a variety of wrestling equipment, has a short video at the link below which will help you understand the differences between entry level, mid-range and more expensive shoes. Check it out.


Locally, Dicks, Modell’s and Sports Authority all have wrestling shoes in stock, with the best selection probably at Dicks.

Once you know your size, you can shop online if you’d prefer, but your best bet as a first-time buyer is to try them on first. As Coach Foldeak noted, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your shoes. (If you don’t have shoes, bring a clean pair of socks to practice — no bare feet or sneakers will be allowed on the mat.)

See you tomorrow. Bring your blue cards, WHS Activity Fund checks ($25, only if you’ve not paid in the Fall for another activity) and your physical forms.

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